The world citizen (wereldburger) doesn’t need borders.

Every minute, ‘the World’ as we know it is being created and recreated by the inhabitants of planet Earth. In the course of its history, these inhabitants developed different languages and different cultures and marked these differences with borders. But these borders exist mainly in the minds of people. For birds, boundaries and borders don’t exist at all.

With the arrival of aluminium birds - aeroplanes - and virtual spaces like the internet, the process is being reversed and the significance of borders is evaporating with increasing rapidity. But that sometimes makes the Earth dwellers afraid and suspicious. Are they still safe without those borders?

Since fear usually stems from misunderstanding, language is an important means of resolving conflict and creating understanding and cooperation.

De Wereldburger helps newcomers in the Netherlands achieve success on their entry to Dutch culture. Dutch is the official language used in the Netherlands and by presenting it in ‘living practice’, teachers and students place themselves in each other’s situation, discover similarities and conduct an open dialogue about the differences. No means of learning is precluded, so in addition to the language lessons, you might visit museums, theatres, the countryside or democratic institutions like parliament or the municipal council.

The aim is to help new inhabitants become successful participants in Dutch society.