Who is the citizen behind De Wereldburger? [‘The World Citizen’]

There was just one thing I never wanted to be in my life: to become a teacher! Those creatures who told the same boring stories in the classroom every year, forcing me to look out of the window to the river, so that my imagination could take to the boats, sail out to sea and to freedom! I wanted to do something and be an actor, someone for whom thought and action are one and the same, not just thinking about abstract ideas and theories.

I followed my imagination and I travelled around the world and met all those different peoples, cultures and languages. Back home, I maintained my contact with a lot of those people, I completed my studies in Dutch literature and, to my surprise, I started to teach them Dutch language and culture in a very natural way.

My experience and professionalism increased and my study deepened, and I now run courses throughout the country. Instead of boring teacher, I feel like an actor tempting the student to perform the role of Dutch person with me.